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My Heart is Full

Originally posted January 7th, 2023

This first week of 2023 has my heart feeling full and happy as I watch my adult children begin this new year together, well, sort of groups of 2!

Two of our kids are starting 2023 in St. Louis at the SEEK conference. Two others are road tripping between Nashville and Chicago to visit the oldest one and his sweet family. That adds up to four adult children on the move, doing their thing. The really great thing about this is that they are doing this life (at this moment in time) together and supporting one another along the way.

I am thrilled the ones at SEEK get to see Fr. Mike, Sr. Bethany, Sr. Miriam, Chika and so many other great Catholic speakers LIVE and in person. I am also so happy the other 2 went to Chicago to see their older brother, his beautiful wife and their sweet baby. I have to admit my arms are aching a bit to hold my precious grandson, but my time is coming. I am relishing each and every picture sent my way from their adventures.

Their adult relationships are growing, maturing and they actually want to spend time together. Making these things happen has required sacrifice and effort on their part. It makes my mama heart happy that they are there for each other and making memories together.

Aren't they just the cutest???

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