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Integrated Life


"To a great extent the level of any civilization is the level of it's womanhood."
~Ven. Fulton J. Sheen




Building a strong SPIRITUAL foundation is the backbone of living an Integrated Life. Looking at your current spiritual practices, we evaluate their effectiveness and fruit in your life.  We develop and fortify your foundation by reclaiming who you are in Christ and introduce new spiritual thoughts and practices that give you freedom and confidence in the dreams God has placed in your heart. The fruit of a strong foundation in Christ is JOY in your heart.




Know thyself! Discovering who you are and what you enjoy sounds easy enough, but do you use your gifts and are you content with your self-image and how you take care of yourself? You are made beautifully and perfectly in God's image. His image of you must become your image of yourself. We dive deep into your unique design and gain clarity in how you can confidently use your gifts and talents for God's glory. The fruit of this self discovery is REST in your soul.



Service to your family and community are the areas of your life that are the most demanding and require intentional effort and planning. Having a strong spiritual foundation, knowing who you are, what your mission and goals are, and taking care of yourself will all come together and give you strength and the tools necessary to serve God and those He has placed in your path: your spouse, your kids, your neighbors, your co-workers and your friends. The fruit of faithful service is ORDER in your life.


is for you if:

  • You desire a deeper, more intimate relationship with God.

  • You know something needs to change in your life but you're not quite sure what or how to get there.

  • You desire peace and order in your life.

  • You would like more confidence in yourself.

  • You struggle with indecision, overwhelm and inaction.

  • You want to be happy, holy and whole but you feel scattered and unfocused.

  • You feel stuck and stagnant in the pursuit of your dreams and goals.

  • You understand the importance of this holy work and are willing to do it with a guide who has been there and continues to strive for wholeness and holiness.


the sunflower

Here at The Integrated Life, you will see the sunflower a lot. The sunflower is a sign of hope, authenticity and peace. It represents living an integrated life, with Christ at the center.


Botanists classify the sunflower as a composite flower because it is made up of many small flowers clustered together in a central disk, surrounded by larger petals. Each of these small flowers has its own reproductive parts, which work together to create a single flower head. This concept of individual parts coming together to create a unified whole can be related to living an integrated life. An integrated life means that all aspects of a person's life, including their relationships, faith, family, work, hobbies, and personal growth, are aligned and working together for the ultimate good.


Just as the small flowers in a sunflower work together to create a beautiful and functional whole, the various aspects of our lives can come together to create a fulfilling and purposeful existence. By aligning our actions, using our God-given gifts, and pursuing meaningful goals, we can live a life that is integrated and harmonious, rather than disjointed and scattered.


It is truly a wonder to behold how the sunflower follows the sun across the sky. We can see this as a beautiful example of God's perfect design in nature and how it points us towards His goodness and faithfulness. Just as the sunflower turns its face towards the sun, we should always be turning our hearts towards Jesus and seeking to live in His light.

  • What is Integrated Life Coaching?
    Integrated Life (IL) Coaching is a breakthrough coaching method developed by Katie Donahue, OTR/L. Coaching is rooted in prayer and focuses on three areas: spiritual, self, and service. (Refer to the 3 pillars above.) Attention is given to discovering your unique God-given design, where you are right now, the thoughts you are thinking, how you spend your time, and the action you are taking. The Holy Spirit is asked to be present to enlighten you to what God wants for you and your life. With this in mind, new thoughts, scripts, and concrete actions are created to lead you to this new life with Christ at the center.
  • What is the difference between IL Coaching and therapy?
    IL Coaching is present and future-focused, helping you to purposefully design the life God has in store for you. He wants you to lean into Him and the unique gifts He has given you so you can fulfill your dreams and live your life mission with peace. IL Coaching helps you identify thoughts and mindsets that hold you back and do not serve you. You are given support, encouragement and taught skills that help you break away from unhealthy, toxic patterns and replace them with positive, Christ-centered ones to move forward in freedom and peace. This is precisely what God desires for you. Therapy and counseling typically focus on the past and how it influences your present. A licensed professional therapist or counselor will help you overcome and process trauma and mental health issues (depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.) This is a great analogy: If you feel like you are in a dark hole, trapped and cannot get out by yourself, a therapist is qualified to help get you out of that place and back into the light, on solid ground where you can live as a functioning, productive adult. Life Coaching helps you when you are already on solid ground to move to the next level in your life by helping you improve in specific areas while taking steps forward to achieving your personal goals and dreams. (Notes from a talk on Coaching vs. Therapy)
  • How does it work and what is the investment?
    Fill out the Coaching Interest Form and book a Discovery Call. You then decide if you want the whole shebang (Integrated Life Design $997), a smaller package, or maybe a digital course or two. The cost depends upon which service you choose and also the time you decide to invest. Katie meets with you virtually via Zoom, Voxer, phone call, and/or Slack. This is one of the most valuable investments you can make because the skills you learn will serve you for the rest of your life.


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