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Summer Fun

Remember being in the middle of winter, wishing it was summer and thinking of all the things you were going to do to take advantage of the warmth and sunshine? Are you making plans and setting goals to do those longed for things?

"It's abnormal not to have a goal."

~Ven. Fulton J. Sheen

It will do you and your family well to set some goals for the summer. Don't let your ideas for work, fun and connection fade into the past.

By now, most kids are out of school for the summer and needing some good, constructive things to do. Whether you work full-time or are a stay at home mom (I've been in both seasons and every one in between), it's nice to have some ideas for summer goals/things to do with your kids.

My girls and I put this little daily idea calendar/schedule together to give us a focused goal for each day and some motivation to try new things in between camps and ballet intensives. They are already talking about friends to invite over to do this and that with. We will hold this loosely and be open to what each new day brings.

Here is a fun PDF version to print and put on your fridge:

Summer Fun-2
Download PDF • 927KB

Summer is here! Ready or not, let's put Christ at the center of all we do, set some goals and make the most of it.

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