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SIMPLE40 - Day 27 - Stability and Simplicity

My soul rests in God alone, from whom comes my salvation.

God alone is my rock and salvation, my fortress; I shall never fall.

~Psalm 62:2-3

When I think of stability, I think of firm foundations, consistency, perseverance, commitment, security and strength. This current culture we are in does not seem to value stability. I think we all know how it goes...the newness and excitement to start something new followed by the disappointment and weariness when it becomes ordinary and boring. This can happen with small personal projects, commitments (like Lent), relationships and our work/career. It is easy to give up and drop things, moving on to something else when things get difficult, especially when there is something new or even better around the corner.


The truth is that we need to give up the hunt for the next best thing and be where our feet are, tending to the task in front of us. Why is this so difficult sometimes? St. Benedict believed stability was so important that he added it to the traditional religious vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. The nuns of the Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey describe stability: "We live together, pray together, work together, relax together. We give up the temptation to move from place to place in search of an ideal situation. Ultimately, there is no escape from oneself, and the idea that things would be better someplace else is usually an illusion. And when interpersonal conflicts arise, we have a great incentive to work things out and restore peace. This means learning the practices of love: acknowledging one's own offensive behavior, giving up one's preferences, forgiving."


As lay persons, we do not make a vow of stability, but we can certainly practice it in our own lives. Keep in mind that there may indeed be times when we discern to pick up our roots and move to a new place that is God’s will for the good of our family. Stability can be lived in these times of transition by keeping some of your simple routines in place. These routines of life can very well be how God is teaching us to simplify, by focusing on what is necessary and relying on Him as our foundation and rock.


In striving for stability, a simple routine gives us the freedom to be present to the people and experiences God puts in our lives in a deeper and more meaningful way.



Prayer for Stability

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for these days of Lent.

I ask you to help me persevere in my Lenten commitments

and sacrifices and to inspire me to establish simple routines

that will lead to stability for myself and my family.

Thank you for the precious souls you have given me to care for

and for others you have placed in my life.

My I be fully present and attentive to their needs

by living a stable life of prayer and work. 

Blessed Mother, you who lived a very stable, routine family life

most of your years, help me to gratefully receive each day I am given,

and to give God my yes as you did.




3 Hail Mary Wall Sit

After every 40 minute exercise session this week, I challenge you to do a 3 Hail Mary Wall Sit.

Start like the picture...

back against the wall with hips and knees just above 90 degrees.

Pray one Hail Mary


Then slide your back down the wall a few inches and hold while you

Pray your second Hail Mary


Finally, slide your back down another few inches and hold while you

Pray your third Hail Mary


Push up through your heels to stand when you are done.

(Don't fall to the ground.)

Feel free to modify to your level of fitness.



This week, take a look at your daily and weekly routines. Do you need to establish more structure to help your family feel secure and know what to expect? This can include regular mealtimes, bedtime routines, and designated family time. By creating a stable home environment with simple routines, your kids can develop a sense of belonging and feel more confident in themselves and their relationships.


Remember this little daily rule? (click the link) If you have older kids, print one out for them and have them create their own daily routine that meshes with your family routine.

Daily Rule - Blank
Download PDF • 1.74MB

today's recipe


This recipe was discovered by my son who had a pound of ground beef and wanted to try something different. It was a big hit when he came home to visit and requested we make it. Yes, I know that today is Friday and we are abstaining from meat. So, make the Shrimp Scampi from yesterday's message and click the link to make this recipe this weekend or put it in your menu plan for next week!


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