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SIMPLE40 - Day 2 - Complexity of Simplicity

Do you dream about living a simple life?

Have you pursued the outward and most accessible ways to gain simplicity?

There are plenty of theories out there, but most leave you disappointed and weary because your days still seem complicated, fragmented and messy. Simplicity means different things to different people. Is it owning less? Doing less?


There are at least 2 different types of simplicity: interior and exterior. Both will be addressed as we progress through Lent. I think we can all agree that simplicity is a lessening of certain things for the good or benefit of our well-being. The definitions that ring most true to me are the ones that speak of God and the pursuit of wholeness and holiness.


Once you get past simplicity as the world presents it, you begin to find that it really is not so simple after all. The truth is, striving for simplicity as a practical lifestyle choice takes discipline and training. The most common ways of seeking this worldly simple life do not produce good fruit, causing more frustration and anxiety than simplicity and peace. We are going to dive into what simplicity really is - a spiritual discipline that trains the soul to fulfill its God-given mission.


The main focus of our Lenten journey is Jesus. Let's leave behind the things that keep us from Him and do the things which bring us closer to Him.



Intentional movement is meant to connect soul, mind and body. Everyone has a different way this resonates for them. It is dependent on the season of life you are in and does not have to be training for a marathon. Tune into your body and move to get your energy flowing freely. The beauty is that no one person's practice is the same. 40 minutes daily

Now that you know your temperament, click the link below and take a look at the chart that corresponds with your temperament. Take note of the elements mentioned that jump out at you. This ties in with your God-given mission and the quest for simplicity.

MC Temperament Assessment Chart
Download PDF • 103KB


A meaningful component of Lent is giving alms or serving others. There are so many things we can do to serve those in our own homes and in our communities. Click the link to download and print "SIMPLE40 100 ways to serve". The goal for Lent is to complete at least 40 of these. Cross them out as you go. Feel free to add your own as this list is not definitive.

100 ways to serve
Download PDF • 683KB

Today's Recipe

Quick and easy beer bread. This recipe comes together super fast and is a great addition to a hearty soup or stew. Every time we give this bread away, we get rave reviews! Enjoy

Thank you for joining me for SIMPLE40. Please share with your friends!

As always, I am praying for you!


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