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Don't Let God's Work Stop With You

May 30th, 2023 On Sunday, we celebrated Pentecost, the birth of the Church and the setting afire of the hearts and souls of the apostles to go out to all the world and proclaim the gospel. We celebrated the day in retreat fashion at Our Lady of the Swan Valley. It was the first Mass of the season as this little church in the mountains is closed during the winter months. We participated in the all day event starting with a talk on Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit and ending with a Marian procession outside. Mary's relationship to the Most Holy Trinity was expounded upon, especially as Spouse of the Holy Spirit. Follow this link to read a beautiful and concise explanation of this title for Our Blessed Mother inspired by St. Maximilian Kolbe and St. Francis of Assisi. Another emphasis of the day was that God's work in us is not complete if we stay stagnant. He has given us a specific combination of gifts and the promptings of the Holy Spirit to do our part to hep build the Kingdom of God here on earth. Listen for the Holy Spirit, ask for Mary's intercession, and take action. What is the Holy Spirit calling you to do in this season of your life?



Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, Mother of the Church, be our mother now. Take our hearts and replace them with yours, that we might know what it means to truly love. Invite your Beloved Spouse to descend into our hearts, and help us to respond to Him with your total self-surrender. There was no space between you and your Beloved; help us to give God all the place in our life, that there may be no space between us and Him. Make us His humble servants on earth, that Christ may live in us as He lived in you. AMEN


SELF Memorial Day = Murph There is a workout phenom sweeping the nation every Memorial Day and this year I decided to do it. Have you ever done it? It took me 67 minutes to complete in the MTN Tough format (plus extra on the treadmill that I didn't realize was extra), offered for all the men and women who have selflessly given of their lives for our freedom. Forever grateful! Click the link to learn about Lt. Michael Murphy and his selfless actions for his fellow men and ultimately for you and me.


SERVICE This week my husband and I are celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary! As I type this, it seems surreal that 32 years heave gone by. We have been blessed in so many ways. If I could write a little note to ourselves 32 years ago, I think I would keep it simple: Dear Us, It's all worth it... the joys, the sorrows. the love, the grace. It keeps getting better, just wait!


We love a good curry! This one is good any time of year, especially on a rainy day. It's on the menu this week and I'm really looking forward to eating it. The leftovers are so tasty that I will eat this right out of the fridge, cold!


I am not afraid, I was born to do this. ~St. Joan of Arc Let these words remind you that your are strong,

courageous and resilient.


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