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Courageous Women - April 18th 2023

Courageous Women was the theme for the annual Catholic Women's Conference held this last weekend in Helena, MT. Over 400 women attended and had the pleasure of hearing Danielle Bean, Gia Chacon, Mary Jane Fox, and Kitty Cleveland. All these ladies shared incredible stories of courage, trust and faith. It was a very fitting theme for Divine Mercy weekend and made me so grateful for the opportunity to gather together as sisters in Christ. We were reminded that following Jesus takes courage and that this virtue has transformed sinners into saints and Christians into martyrs. We will all need this virtue sooner or later because without it we cannot follow Christ into eternal life in heaven. It not only takes courage to do things, but to face things as well, especially hard truths about ourselves and our weaknesses. With faith and trust in God's love and mercy, we have nothing to fear.

Every time you pick a daffodil, Or gather violets on some hill, Or touch a leaf, or see a tree, It's all God whispering, "This is me". ~Helen Steiner Rice



In the image of the Divine Mercy (below) we see Jesus's left foot stepping forward as He is coming out of the darkness to come for us. It is also symbolic of Christ's return at the end of time, when He will come for His bride. Unlike the "deities" of many of the world's religions, our God is not a transcendent, unapproachable God; He humbled Himself so much that He condescended to become one of us and to be united to us. — Fr. Chris Alar, MIC



Did any of your Lenten sacrifices turn into habits you are keeping? I hope you are keeping your intentional movement going, even if it is not 40 minutes a day. Here is a simple HIIT workout you can do anywhere: Jumping jacks (1 minute) Plank (1 minute) Plie squats (1 minute) Jumprope (1 minute) Bicycles (1 minute) Lunges (1 minute) High Knees (1 minute) Side plank (30 secs/side) Push ups (1 minute) Side shuffles (1 minute) Repeat that combo 3x and end with a 3 Hail Mary Wall Sit and you have a good 30 minute+ workout!



For your Taco Tuesday (or Wednesday or Thursday or anyday...) check out this recipe for Crispy Black Bean Tacos. You can easily add taco meat if you like. And, of course, you should dip these in my homemade salsa! Get the recipe from Day 30 of SIMPLE40.


King of Mercy, guide my soul. ~St. Faustina


Thank you for giving me a spot in your inbox. I am praying for you!

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