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Integrated Foundation




4 Weeks


About the Course

In this course Katie takes you back to your beginning to uncover and restore the original form and function of your life, given to you by God. When He created you, He designed you in a way like no other, with specific giftings, dreams, and passions. There is no one like you! With this in mind, Katie guides you through 6 different exercises that build upon each other to develop your Foundation.

1) Begin building your Foundation by claiming and proclaiming who you are in Christ.

2) Complete a Truth Script Search to determine a particular scripture passage that speaks Truth into your life.

3) Spiritual

4) Self

5) Service

6) Intercessors

When you have your Integrated Foundation as your bedrock, you will find communion with God and with yourself. Fully Integrated. Whole. Spiritually Solid.

Your Instructor

Katie Donahue

Katie Donahue is your Integrated Life Coach leading you through this course. She designed her own Foundation over 25 years ago and it still holds massive value and breathes truth and life into all she does.

Katie Donahue
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