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23 in 23

Originally posted Jan. 5th, 2023

Nunc Coepi!

Nunc Coepi is Latin for "begin again" and is an appropriate thing to say as we jump into 2023. However, I have to say that every day (actually every moment) is an opportunity to begin again. So, we don't need the new year to begin, but it can be good motivation to start fresh.

One thing I am doing is making a list of 23 things to do or improve upon in 2023. I have some big Holy Spirit inspired dreams that I really want to plunge my heart and soul into and it seems the turning of the calendar is providing that clean slate to move forward.

I always group things according to the 3 pillars of The Integrated Life: Spiritual, Self, and Service. Below, I will share my list partly to hold myself accountable and partly to inspire you to make your own list.


*Pray the 7 Sorrows Rosary 1x/week

*Learn about my saint of the year, St. Margaret Fontana, and ask her intercession daily

*Start a separate spiritual fasting intention journal

*Add 1 hour of fasting to current Wednesday fast for Kevin

*Begin daily gratitude journal again

*Daily Mass and Adoration on Wednesdays


*Complete at least 23 workouts each month

*Be consistent with supplements every. single. day.

*Cuticle oil daily

*Read 2-3 books/month

*Learn and develop strengths based on the CliftonStrengths

*Connect with friends weekly (no texting) - phone call, coffee date, walk, shop, etc


*Date Night 2x/month

*Hand written notes at least 1x/week and send via mail to family/friends

*Text individual adult children 2-3x/week for encouragement, support, and just because

*Thrift first before going to box stores for what is needed

*Declutter and organize storage room

*Menu plan 2 weeks at a time

*Phone photo declutter

*Launch Goretti Girls or whatever it is supposed to be called

*Start a group for aspiring Deacon wives

*Record 1 course every 2 months

*Blog at least 2x/week

In this present moment, God is calling us to follow Him and serve Him as only we can with our specific, unique God-given gifts. He does not wait for us to be perfect or to have the ideal situation and tools at our disposal. He gives us all we need to move forward. We just need to make that choice to pick up those tools and use them. This is the time!

Nunc Coepi!

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